20 Things I Do That I Never Thought I Would Do (Now That I’m A Mom)

Motherhood has changed me, for better or worse! A lot has changed in my life since becoming a mom. For instance, before becoming a mom I never thought I would:

  1. photograph poop.
  2. share photos of poop with my friends and family.
  3. eat Mac and Cheese for lunch 5 straight days in a row.
  4. get dressed in the morning–almost EVERY morning–by changing out of black yoga pants (my P.J’s) into black yoga pants (my “outfit”).
  5. count a solo trip to the grocery store as “me time”.
  6. choose a restaurant based on the following criteria: noise level (the louder the better), food selection (chicken nuggets must be on the menu), and whether the high chairs have properly functioning restraint devices.
  7. own 57 balls (and counting…).
  8. actually look forward to dentist visits (one of the only times I get to be by myself, lay in a *relatively* comfy chair and zone out for an hour).
  9. get poop or spit-up on my clothes and debate whether it’s really worth changing my outfit.
  10. spend my few-and-far-between date nights talking about the very children I left just a moment ago.
  11. enjoy folding laundry–sometimes (baby clothes are so cute!).
  12. use plastic party cups to scoop poop out of the tub (in another life those held a nice, cold adult beverage).
  13. schedule my showers like I used to schedule hair appointments–phone calls and calendar entries required.
  14. get a song stuck in my head only to realize it’s the made-up tune played by the baby bouncer or the jumperoo.
  15. forget to shut the bathroom door when guests are in my house.
  16. let the dog lick of the baby’s face after a meal.
  17. wake up to the baby’s cries, get dressed for the day and walk out of my room only to realize that it’s 3 AM
  18. flash an innocent bystander when the baby suddenly rips the nursing cover off of his face.
  19. know every. single. word. in the “Birthday Party” episode of Blue’s Clues.

And, finally–

20. love two tiny people with a love so big that I would give my very life for them.
Jacob week 1 - 0459

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