Housing Update

Jon has had a very successful house-hunt in Ireland. He is going to be continuing on to Turkey on Saturday morning, so his time in Ireland is just about over. He has found a number of houses that look like they will work well for our family. We are not going to sign a lease just yet, however. Jon’s company has been slow in getting us the information that we need to complete our move (like a specific moving date and means to pay a deposit on a place) so we aren’t ready to move forward with signing a lease quite yet. This trip has still been worthwhile because Jon has found the specific area that we want to live in and knows exactly what to look for in a house. He also has some contacts at the local leasing agencies so he’ll be able to keep in touch with them as we find out more information about our move.

Our current plan is to move to Ireland at the end of January or early February. When we get there we will stay in a long term rental for about a month. During that month we can go and look at houses together and sign a lease. This will actually work out really well because then I can look at the houses with Jon in person. Since it will take about a month for all of our belongings to be shipped over there anyway, this will give us time to get adjusted to Ireland before we have to move into our house.

I am getting ready to head down to Phoenix tomorrow to go visit my mom’s side of the family. I’m excited to introduce Jacob to my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Until next time…

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