Another house-hunting trip!

Jon found out last week that he needs to be back in Ireland next month for work. We still haven’t gotten our moving paperwork (or a moving date or any other pertinent information that you might need to ACTUALLY move half-way around the world). We did, however, get approval for me to tag along with Jon on his trip so we can go house-hunting together! And, since Jacob is still nursing and gets to fly for free, he’s coming along for the ride with us. David will stay with my parents while we’re gone–a very good thing because I have a hard time imagining anything worse than flying for 15 hours with a restless 2-year old. We’ll be over there for about a week and, provided we DO have our paperwork by then, will try to sign a lease on a house for our family.

I’m really excited to go over there and see where our *potential* new home will be. And, if nothing else, at least I’ll get a free trip to Ireland 🙂

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