It’s Official: The Move Is On!

It’s been almost 7 months since we found out we might be moving to Ireland, and we just got word that the move is officially a GO! God’s timing really is perfect timing. Jon received his contract for our move to Ireland late last week. On Monday he signed and returned the contract, so we’re all set to (finally) move out there! We still have to wait for Jon’s work visa to go through, which should take about 3weeks. Once he has his visa he’s going to try to fly out for one last house-hunting trip and actually sign a lease this time–3rd time’s a charm! It looks like we may be ready to move by the end of May if everything goes smoothly.

I just got home from my first solo-trip to California with the boys and I’m…EXHAUSTED. I’ll write more about our move soon and I’ll keep this blog updated with all of the details.


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