An Unexpected Week

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere this past week. It has been a crazy and very unexpected week to say the least.

Last Tuesday we had a family health emergency that required us to leave town right away (like, grab the kids out of bed and drive all night in our pajamas “right away”). Thanks to great health care and lots of prayers, things are finally looking optimistic here. We have seen reiterated time and time again this week that God is great, prayer is powerful, and miracles do happen. Thank you to all of you who do you know what has been going on and have been keeping us in your thoughts and your prayers–it truly does mean the world to us!

We probably will not be going home for another week or so, but since things are on the up-and-up here I have decided that it is time to start writing again. I have actually really missed spending time on this blog (and, of course, all of my amazing readers!). So check back tomorrow for a bit of what has been on my mommy mind!


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