10,000 Readers Strong


This week I reached a blogging milestone of sorts–somebody out there in the wide world of internets has just become my 10,000th visitor. This is kind of mind-boggling to me–and totally humbling–that 10,000 people would actually choose to read something I’ve written. My little blog-baby has come such a long way!

I started this blog less than 6 months ago because my friend asked for my opinion on some baby things. Little did she know that I would go on to tell her my opinion on every baby thing I’ve ever come across…and start a blog because I realized I just have too many opinions on too many things and the world just has to know them.

So, who do those 10,000 readers represent? As it turns out, lots and lots of different people. I’ve had readers from over 90 countries (Can you even name 90 countries?). These readers really like to eat. Specifically, the love to eat rolls. My top posts of all time have been about Resurrection Rolls and Cinnamon rolls. They also enjoy laughing with (at?) me–my most popular non-food post was about the awkward things I do now that I’m a mom. Ireland is also on their minds–my top search engine terms that refer people to my site have mostly been about Ireland. I guess it’s a good thing people enjoy reading about Ireland, because I’m about to start writing a whole lot more about the Emerald Isle when we move there next month.

To those of you who have endured my wacky sentiments and ramblings, and actually keep coming back to read more, thank you. I love writing and I love being a mom, and this is the perfect outlet for me. 10,000 readers already, and cheers to many more to come!

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