Delayed Departure

Well, Seattle, you get us for a few more days. We had originally planned on moving this week, on July 6th. After Jon’s ridiculous travel week in Ireland last week, though, we realized that we needed a bit more time to get our stuff together before we will actually be ready to make this move. Plus, our house won’t be ready until the 12th. Today we booked our tickets to Ireland, and we will be leaving next Wednesday the 10th. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

Wish us luck–the movers come tomorrow so we will officially begin the “living out of suitcases” stage of this journey (our household goods are scheduled to take 6-8 weeks to sail across the ocean). We have a lot of packing and moving to do in our house still–since our Ireland house is fully furnished and *tiny* we will be putting most of our belongings into storage in our garage.

Let’s do this thing!

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