We Have Arrived!

This will be a quick post because I have to write on my phone until we get internet hooked up at our house, but I wanted to give an update on our trip out to Ireland. Here are our travel highlights:

We realized our credit card was lost when we tried to check in for our flight. The restaurant that we’d lost it at found the card, my mom picked it up, and drove it back to the airport just in time for us to board our flight.

Our flights were on time (Yahoo!)

The boys both fell asleep within 20 minutes of takeoff.

Jacob slept in the ergo on my lap for 8 hours. My arms were numb but the passengers around us were grateful to not have a screaming baby on their flight.

London-Heathrow is a crazy maze of an airport with a bajillion security checkpoints designed to never let you get to your connecting flight. Note to self: Do NOT try to navigate this madness with a short layover and a sleep-deprived 2-year old (especially if you don’t have a stroller!).

David had the wildest toddler meltdown I’ve ever witnessed while we were RUNNING through the London airport. It was so bad they let us cut in front of the entire security line to go straight through. Saved us 30 minutes of line-waiting and allowed us to actually catch our connecting flight. Well played, David.

We actually caught our connecting flight. It was close, but we made it just in time–sweat-drenched and stressed out, but we made it.

The airline lost our stroller and car seat (they have now been found and returned). This was actually a good thing, because it allowed us to pack all of our bags into our rental car at the airport (we really didn’t think it would all fit into one car!).

Our rental house (while we’re waiting for our real house to be ready for move in in Monday) is awesome! We have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and even a basketball hoop in the courtyard 🙂 The lady who is renting this house to us also stocked our kitchen with bread and pastries from her local bakery, milk, cheese, butter, jam, and tea–Because she knew we would be hungry after our long day of travel. Have I mentioned how much I love Irish people?

We ate McDonald’s for our first dinner in Ireland 🙂

We got food, showers, and naps.

We got a good night’s sleep.

Today we will go see our new house and explore our new neighborhood.

It is sunny and 75° here–gorgeous!!!

We are excited to see more of Ireland today!



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