Our new house!

After much deliberation we have made our California housing selection. And the winner is….

HOUSE #2: Los Gatos “Big House”!

We are thrilled to finally have a place to call home here in California. The house is amazing, we love our neighborhood, and we can’t wait to settle in!

Now that we have the lease signed and the keys in our pockets we can work on phase 2 of the move: coordinating 3 different shipments of household goods, setting up utilities, finding a preschool, and baking the neighbors cookies so we start off on the right foot.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us! We are ready to accept visitors, so come on down, friends!

Until next time, here are some photos of the new place:









2 thoughts on “Our new house!

  1. Dorena says:

    Congrats on picking the house I was hoping you would have picked!! Ü Hello to the rest of the Peterson’s who are visiting. I am jealous of the double ovens!!! Happy ‘moving in’ when that happens. We are thinking of you all!!


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