Welcome, Readers of “This Beautiful Frugal Life”!

Today we published my first guest post over at This Beautiful Frugal Life (*Note* It appears that she’s having some technical difficulty with the site today, so if my link doesn’t work, just go to the home page on This Beautiful Frugal Life and scroll down a few posts to “10 tips for flying with young kids”). I am so excited that I get to share a bit of my experience and my writing with TBFL readers! If this is your first time visiting Love, Teach Grow, welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading about my journey through motherhood.

If you would like more information about traveling with children, you may want to check out my 4-part series called Traveling With Bebe. Part 1 is an introduction to our trip out to Ireland, Part 2 covers pre-travel arrangements and packing, Part 3 has tips on getting through the airport, and Part 4 has tips and activities to get you through your flight.

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Thank you for visiting, and happy reading!

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