20 Ways My 2-Year Old is Like a Puppy


I’m a full-time stay at home mom. I spend my days playing with my kids and my dog–perhaps I spend too much time playing with my kids and my dog. As I was watching my 2-year old playing with our dog the other day it struck me: toddlers and puppies have a lot in common. Here are my top observations in toddler/puppy similarities:

  1. They have endless energy–If we could find a way to harness the energy of 2-year old boys and 7-year old Border Collies I’m pretty sure we could power third world countries.
  2. My primary role as mother/owner is to keep them from killing themselves on a daily basis.
  3. They like to chew on things–especially things that are not meant to be chewed on.
  4. They like getting their heads rubbed.
  5. They enjoy playing in the toilet–putting toys in it, drinking from it, splashing around in the water. Lovely.
  6. They will eat things that really should not be eaten, and look at you like you’re a crazy woman when you jam a finger into their mouth to swipe it out.
  7. They pee on the floor and don’t clean it up. I really wish they would at least clean it up.
  8. They don’t wear out–If they get 5 minutes of rest they’re ready to go again at 100% capacity. No rest for the weary (mom).
  9. They enjoy lying in mud puddles and digging in the dirt. But, really, who doesn’t?
  10. They need regular grooming–see #9
  11. They love balls. Ball?! Did somebody say ball?
  12. They are small, squishy, and cuddly–if you can catch them long enough to squish and cuddle them.
  13. They want to wrestle. All. The. Time.
  14. They spread out on the couch/bed/chair that you were about to sit on–and they lie in such a ridiculous, haphazard position that there’s not a square inch of space left for you to possibly squeeze in.
  15. They like to bite themselves–not quite sure why they find this so enjoyable.
  16. They go crazy at the mention of words like “park” or “treat”.
  17. They need their “claws” trimmed about every 2 seconds.
  18. They make loud, obnoxious noises when they aren’t getting enough attention–and won’t stop until you quit whatever unimportant task you were doing and get down on the floor with them again.
  19. More often than not, they smell a bit funky. True story.
  20. They give unconditional love and I couldn’t imagine the world without them!

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